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          (*: Shorts; All others are features)

1926 You’d Be Surprised (Paramount): Writer, titles & ideas[#]

1928 *The Treasurer’s Report (Fox): Writer/Actor

1928 *The Sex Life of the Polyp (Fox): Writer/Actor

1928 *The Spellbinder (Fox): Writer

1929 *Lesson Number One (Fox): Actor

1929 *Furnace Trouble (Fox): Actor

1929 *Stewed, Fried & Boiled (Fox): Actor

1932 Sky Devils (RKO-Radio): Writer

1932 The Sports Parade (RKO-Radio): Writer/Actor

1933 *Your Technocracy and Mine (Universal): Actor

1933 Headliner Shooter (RKO-Radio): Actor

1933 Dancing Lady (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1934 Rafter Romance (RKO-Radio): Actor

1934 Social Register (Columbia): Bit Actor

1934 The Gay Divorcee (RKO-Radio): Writer (?)

1934 The Gay Bride (M-G-M): Writer

1935 *How To Break 90 at Croquet (RKO): Writer/Actor

1935 Murder on a Honeymoon (RKO-Radio): Writer

1935 China Seas (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1935 Pursuit (M-G-M): Writer

1935 *How To Sleep (M-G-M): Writer/Actor [Academy Award- winner, Best Live Action Short           Subject]

1935 The Perfect Gentleman (M-G-M): Writer

1936 *How To Behave (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1936 Dancing Pirate (RKO-Radio): Writer

1936 *How To Train a Dog (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1936 Riffraff (M-G-M): Writer (?)

1936 Piccadilly Jim (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1936 *How To Vote (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1936 *How To Be a Detective (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1937 *The Romance of Digestion (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1937 Broadway Melody of 1938 (M-G-M): Bit Actor

1937 *How To Start the Day (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1937 Live, Love and Learn (M-G-M): Writer (?)

1937 *A Night at the Movies (M-G-M): Writer/Actor [Academy Award-nominee]

1938 *How To Figure Income Tax (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1938 *Music Made Simple (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1938 *An Evening Alone (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1938 *How To Raise a Baby (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1938 *The Courtship of the Newt (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1938 *How To Read (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1938 *How To Watch Football (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1938 *Opening Day (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1938 *Mental Poise (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1939 *How To Sub-Let (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1939 *An Hour For Lunch (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1939 *Dark Magic (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1939 *Home Early (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1939 *How To Eat (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1939 *The Day of Rest (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1939 *See Your Doctor (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1940 *That Inferior Feeling (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1940 *Home Movies (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1940 Foreign Correspondent (United Artists): Writer [dialogue]/Actor [Dir: Alfred Hitchcock]

1940 Hired Wife (Universal): Actor

1940 *The Trouble with Husbands (Paramount): Writer/Actor

1941 *Waiting for Baby (Paramount): Writer/Actor

1941 Nice Girl? (Universal): Actor

1941 *Crime Control (Paramount): Writer/Actor

1941 *The Forgotten Man (Paramount): Writer/Actor

1941 The Reluctant Dragon (Disney): Actor

1941 You’ll Never Get Rich (Columbia): Actor

1941 *How To Take a Vacation (Paramount): Writer/Actor

1941 Three Girls About Town (Columbia): Actor

1941 Bedtime Story (Columbia): Actor

1942 *Nothing But Nerves (Paramount): Writer/Actor

1942 *The Witness (Paramount): Writer/Actor

1942 Take a Letter, Darling (Paramount): Actor

1942 *Keeping In Shape (Paramount): Writer/Actor

1942 *The Man’s Angle (Paramount): Writer/Actor

1942 The Major and the Minor (Paramount): Actor [Dir: Billy Wilder]

1942 I Married a Witch (United Artists): Actor [Dir: Rene Clair]

1943 Young and Willing (United Artists): Actor

1943 The Sky’s the Limit (RKO-Radio): Actor

1943 Flesh & Fantasy (Universal): Actor/Narrator

1943 *My Tomato (M-G-M): Actor

1943 *No News Is Good News (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1943 The Song of Russia (M-G-M): Actor

1944 See Here, Private Hargrove (M-G-M): Actor

1944 *Important Business (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1944 *Why, Daddy (M-G-M): Writer/Actor

1944 Janie (Warner Bros.): Actor

1944 National Barn Dance (Paramount): Actor

1944 Practically Yours (Paramount): Actor

1945 Pan-Americana (RKO-Radio): Actor/Narrator

1945 It’s in the Bag (United Artists): Actor

1945 *Boogie Woogie (Paramount): Writer/Actor

1945 Duffy’s Tavern (Paramount): Actor/Narrator

1945 Kiss and Tell (Columbia): Actor

1945 Weekend at the Waldorf (M-G-M): Actor

1945         Snafu (Columbia): Actor

1945 The Road to Utopia (Paramount): Actor/Narrator

1945 The Stork Club (Paramount): Actor

1945 *Hollywood Victory Caravan (Paramount/U.S. Treasury Dept.): Actor

1945 *I’m a Civilian Here Myself (U.S. Navy): Writer/Actor

1946 The Bride Wore Boots (Paramount): Actor

1946 Janie Gets Married (Warner Bros.): Actor

[#:”Writer” credits range from suggestions and occasional dialogue to entire scripts]



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