What’s been said about “Benchley Despite Himself”

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

“I have seldom enjoyed an evening more than the one I spent at the performance by Nathaniel Benchley in which he gave a wonderful and hilarious impression of the wit of his incomparable grandfather, Robert Benchley.

“I had known ‘Bob’ Benchley since I was a teen-ager living at the Algonquin Hotel where the members of the famous ‘round table’ of wits, authors and critics lunched almost daily.

“His was a sly, very off-beat humor—hard to explain, difficult to imitate. Nevertheless, his grandson has succeeded in giving the present generation a delightfully witty and sly impression of the ‘Great Bob B.’

“It will be a particularly happy day when you and your friends see ‘Nat’ Benchley’s fine performance.”

J. Robert Moskin,
The Century Association, New York City

“[Nat] brought [his] grandfather to life for us all, and by letting us experience his gentle way of spoofing himself, [he] let us all look at ourselves with a smile.”

Dr. Howard B. Gotlieb, Director, Special Collections, Mugar Memorial Library, Boston University

“The wit, the intelligence, the humor, the platform talent and presence which [Nat Benchley] displayed, made this one of the most outstanding evenings we have arranged for our constituency. After thirty-five years of developing these programs in our series, the Nat Benchley evening will continue to stand out.”

Barbara Singer, Producer

“From all accounts, including that of George S. Kaufman’s daughter, Nat was the star [of the ‘Weekend of Wit and Merriment’ in Bucks County, PA]. He was polished, prepared and smooth in his ability to be storyteller, historian and portrait painter (verbally, of course) of the Robert Benchley persona. He had the crowd laughing non-stop with his humorous portrayal and timeless material.”